Mother’s Day is a day we can celebrate the power of ‘Mom’, and the strength of women everywhere.

Here’s some helpful information to keep your thoughts and mind in the positive light this May:

Surround yourself with friends & family:

Celebrate the amazing women in your life, let them know just how amazing they are. Invite the mothers, aunts, sisters, and grandmothers that keep this world going.

Talk it out:

This holiday can naturally bring some emotions to the surface. Instead of trying to ignore or hide those thoughts and emotions, it’s important to express those feelings to a friend or confidant. You are not alone, speaking your feelings aloud can be therapeutic and help release that emotional buildup.

Celebrate those who have passed:

Whether you have lost a friend, a sister, a mother, or a grandmother, Mother’s Day can remind us of the women who are no longer with us. It can be helpful to take the sad feelings of loss and capitalize on all the positive qualities and attributes of that special life. Celebrating the person with their close friends and family can honor them in a special way, and bring peace on the road of healing.

Enjoy the sunshine:

The sun is shining, and warmer weather is finally here, get outdoors this spring as much as you can! Going for walks, having a picnic, gardening, or outdoor yoga are just some of the activities that can make your day just a bit brighter with a little fresh air.

Furry Friends:

There’s nothing better than the loyal companionship of a dog! If you are not ready to adopt or buy a furry friend yourself, therapy dogs can help give you support without the task of taking on a new pet yourself. The comfort, companionship, and laughter a dog can work wonders on your spirit.

Pawsitively 4 Pink hopes you keep these helpful tips in mind this Mother’s Day season. Local Worcester county women are always invited to join our community. Whether you are a cancer survivor, currently going through treatment, or would just like to help, Pawsitively 4 Pink is a community of positive encouragement and friendship, that helps bring comfort and ease to those with breast cancer.

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