Meet our newest partner, a service dog training facility!

Pawssibilities LLC is a professional dog training facility. They believe that service, therapy and support dogs are invaluable however the process today is challenging. The lengthy wait times, and the enormous expense makes it difficult to get the service you need. This is the reason they have created their quality, service dog programs at an affordable cost and a shorter wait time. They are committed to changing the process and making a difference in the mental health community.

Our main mascot, Sophee, was trained by Pawssibilities LLC and is now an official therapy dog. She graduated on April 18th with the help of their entire team. They did an amazing job training Sophee and truly know that she was in such loving and capable hands. There are six training programs that will train dogs including Therapy Pets Unlimited certified therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, balance support dogs, and psychological service dogs.

Since we strive to use therapy dogs to help those suffering from breast cancer, Pawssibilities LLC wants to help. Thanks to our new Partnership, Pawssibilities LLC is willing to take a reduction on service dogs being trained, and we will help pay for the initial cost of the dog up to $350.

For more information about Pawssibilities LLC, please visit

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