Michelle Power is the power house behind Pawsitively 4 Pink, a non- profit organization geared towards improving the well-being of individuals in the local Worcester community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Created back in 2018, Michelle’s sole focus Is to be a source of pawstivity and empowerment for one’s spirit and recovery.

The Pawsitively Start:

After seeing multiple family members and friends fight the disease of breast cancer, Michelle got an idea, and it included her posh new puppy sitting on her lap. Michelle says, “I was inspired by the loss of my mother who had cancer to create a Non-Profit Organization to help pay the daily bills of women struggling with breast cancer.” Michelle placed her dog Sophee as the mascot for Pawsitively 4 Pink because “people love dogs” She says, “They’re going to pay attention to dogs, and I hope people pause to see what this really is about because I think it’s a huge issue in Massachusetts.” Within the first year of women being diagnosed, they can lose 26 percent of their annual income. Women with their own business lose up to 66 percent. The salary cap for people who can apply for help is $25,000 for single women and $40,000 for married women.

How they help:

Pawsitively 4 Pink financially supplements low-income and underserved women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Some services include gift cards for groceries, spa days, transportation, directly paying medical expenses and more. Pawsitively 4 Pink strives to partner with as many organizations in the Worcester County area as possible, while doing four major fundraisers throughout the course of the year. Th­­ey currently have met with the Pawsox, who have agreed to help with their mission.

A little Pawsitivity goes a long way…

Pawsitively 4 Pink has created a community of warmth and friendship, making a scary and alone feeling that comes with the disease feel at ease. While the organization goes the extra mile for its members, the members also find compassion and friendship within one another. The fundraising events celebrate life and supporting the mission all the same time.

Spread the bark:

Whether you have a friend or neighbor personally struggling with the disease or want to help get involved by supporting your community, and empowering strong women, we can all help make a pawsitive difference in a someone’s life.

Check out of more of Pawsitively 4 Pink and see how you can make a bark!

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