I want you to imagine for a moment a mother, sister, wife or girlfriend going for a routine physical and are told that a lump was found in one of their breasts. Urgently a mammogram is scheduled and within 10 minutes a doctor tells them they have breast cancer. The feeling has been described as being in a windstorm or being taken underwater. One woman who Pawsitively 4 Pink helped said, “hearing those words was like my lungs filling with water and I can see people around me to help, but they don’t understand that I am drowning”. Shock, fear and concern set in about the grade, stage and severity of the cancer. Tests, blood work, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy become a way of life, while never getting a firm grip on all of the ways in which breast cancer will affect her life.

Instead of work, picking the kids up from school, making dinner, and a little relaxation at the end of the day. Anxiety, nausea, and perseverating thoughts about what the day will look like and how you will muddle through become the norm.

Because of the toll that treatment takes on your body, you are unable to work. You have enough sick time for a week or so, and then there will be no money coming in to meet the financial obligations. What was once about managing the grueling process of treatment now has become about managing the fundamental needs of life; Food, water, shelter, safety and security.

What if this same woman was your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend?

Pawsitively 4 Pink financially supports low-income underserved women who been diagnosed with breast cancer. We try to relieve some of the compounding stressors along the journey of this diagnosis.

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